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Christmas Card

Taras' first project printed on our Adana TP48 purchased from St. Margaret's Press was a Christmas Card with an 11th Century Arabic Poem by 'Amr ibn Matta and a Syriac Greeting in Estrangelo Large Face Pica (12pt). Our linocut joined the words together with the festive theme.

This Arabic poem from the 11th Century Iraqi Christian Poet 'Amr ibn Matta translates roughly:

He set a gem of faith to shine like the sun
That every wanderer who loves him may find
And not fail to enjoy its light, even if blind
Nor fail to be attracted to its heat, though they have no feeling.

In the context of this card, the imagery suggests that God has set the Bethlehem star in the sky to attract and comfort all to the baby Jesus.

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